Before proceeding with the installation of formwork Excel Client, ensure that you have met all the prerequisites for the installation, and that you have downloaded the installation package from the web portal.

The installation process must be performed by the user who will use the Excel Client.

Once downloaded the compressed file, unzip it using Winzip, WinRAR or a similar tool.

  1. Run setup.exe
  2. Please Accept the Licence Agreement in order to go on with the installation.
  3. Select your installation folder and choose if you wanto to install the plugin only for the user running the installation, or for all users in the PC.
  4. Start the installation process. In case you don't have all packages required for the installation, the install will download and install from the web but you must have administration grants on you machine.

When the installation is done, open Microsoft Excel, you could be prompted for go on with the installation.

At the end, the Add-In will appear as the last menu on Excel

After installation, configure the Add-In for the connection to the FormWork Server

If you encounter any problem during prerequisites installation try to install it manually.