The FormWork Excel Client can upgrade its version with a wizard.

We suggest to make such updates in order to maintain aligned the features between server and client.

To enable this you must properly configure the URL of the instances to receive updates in the About sectio: press the About button and fill in the field 'Update url'. 

The update URL is typically the same to which you connect visible between the connections (see Excel Client Configuration).

The upgrade can be done in two ways, both require you have properly configured the update URL:

  1.  click on the Update button that will appear next to the About button in case there are updates 
  2.  perform the upgrade manually

How to perform the upgrade manually

Open Excel and go to the FormWork section. Click on About button and then click on the link "check".

The client will search on instance configured in the Update url field to check if there is an available upgrade.

If there is no upgrade available, an information pop-up will show.

If there is an upgrade version available, a pop-up will ask if you want to proceed with the new version installation. Click Ok to begin the upgrade.


After a few seconds a pop-up will inform that the operation has ended successfully.