If you have problems during write phase, you first need to be sure it is not an Excel validation error.

If the error is like the following, this article information could be usefull.


FormWork Excel Client can write to a database on the basis of secondary information with which the Excel sheet is decorated . These information link every Excel table with a column in a database table and are saved in the Excel sheet as XML mapping.

Some operations (such as the move of a sheet from a workbook to another) can corrupt these mappings. FormWork uses native Excel functionalities so it is not possibile to prevent these operations, potentially incompatible with FormWork plugin, from taking place and in case you cannot write anyomre, please run the steps shown in the following video:

Here the list of steps showed in the video:

  1. Detach the current sheet
  2. Rename the current sheet (e.g. adding the suffix 'bck')
  3. Read the form in error
  4. Copy and paste values in the form just readed.
  5. Write

If this procedure changed nothing, try following this procedure:

  1. Save the working workbook 
  2. Close all Excel instances 
  3. Open an empty Excel file
  4. Connect to the system
  5. Read the form in error
  6. Open the workbook just save
  7. Copy and paste values in the form just readed.
  8. Write