Present clear errors is essential for the diagnosis of a problem. 

The popup presented the Excel Client has four key elements: 

  • Error message 
  • Additional technical details and possible solutions 
  • Error source 
  • Complete error report

Error message and additional technical details

The aim is to show the end-user the base information to diagnose the problem independently.

Source error

The icon, always present in the error visualization form, helps identifying the problem origin:



Inserted data don't respect the rules defined for that form



The user does not have the privileges necessary to complete the task



Error executing a query on the database.

The error message is displayed in the technical details.



Generic error originated on Excel Client


Generic error originated on FormWork Server.

Complete error report

Through the link "Copy technical details to clipboard" you can access the errore whole details, e.g. useful if you want to open a call to the technical support.

Unless you have connectivity problems with the server, the same information is available on the FormWork web portal.