After installation, you need to set the server where to connect in order to enter the console.


  1. Open the Administration Console
  2. click on the drop down menu "Server" 
  3. choose <manage connections>
  4. in the pop-up insert the server configuration string
    1. Alias: the name you want to be displayed for this connection
    2. Url: the server link, in the form of http://<server>:<port>/
  5. click the Test button in order to verify you connection parameters
    1. if the URL is a correct FormWork server, you will see a pop-up with "Connection valid"
    2. if the URL is not correct, you will receive an error message
  6. close the pop-up 
  7. connect with your given username, password and the just tested server. 


The Administration Console and the Excel Plugin share the same connection list, so if you have both installed in your PC, you will not set the same connections for the two tools.