An event is the occurring of a relevant.

With FormWork you can associate the Procedures events where you can add the application logic.

The available events are the following:

  • Form
    • Read
      • On read click* = this occurs when end-users press the Read button. No data has been processed by the server.
      • Before read*this occurs before the user downloads the data prepared by the server.
      • After read*this occurs once the read operation has finished. Data has already been downloaded by the client.

    • Write
      • On write click* = this occurs when end-users press the Write button. No data has been processed by the server.
      • After upload* = this occurs after the client has sent the data to the server.
      • Before write* = this occurs after the server has run the diff between the data sent by the client and data on the database.
      • After write* = this occurs after the write operation has finished.
    • Delete
      • Before delete* = this occurs before the delete operation, the server has already received the data to be deleted by the client.
      • After delete* = this occurs after the delete operation has finished.
    • Drill down
      • Before drill down* = this occurs before carrying out the drill down 
      • After drill down* = this occurs after carrying out the drill down
  • POV
    • On working value changed = this occurs after the user has changed the value of a POV 
  • System events
    • Before loginthis occurs after the user has been authenticated (username and password are correct) but is not yet logged in. This event can be used to deny access to users.

    • After loginthis occurs after the user has logged in to the system
    • On logoutthis occurs after the user has logged out of the system 
    • On application error = global manager of exceptions


The events marked with a * are events that allow for the asynchronous invoke of an associated Procedure. If a Procedure is invoked in an asynchronous way, the user does not have to wait for the completing of the Procedure itself.

You can assign a Procedure to an event driven by a form in the edit/creation wizard on the Behaviour tab (info). The POV event can be assigned in the properties window of the POV (see How to - Associate a Procedure to a Form Event)

More information on the system events are available here.