The FormWork server can associate some environment variables (or settings) to a user. The purpose of the environment variables is to persist information whose access is needed from another procedure, in more than one work sessions. 

Not less important, the FormWork instance uses settings to save the working value of POVs. POVs, in fact, save their working value on the settings. Once the user logs in to the system, the FormWork instance creates the settings (if not already existing) on which the POV insist and values them with possible default values.

Each setting has a 'master' value stored on database and as many 'volatile' values in the server RAM as the instances that the user is using (for example, a user can open two excel workbooks at the same time). Each time that a 'volatile' instance changes value, the corresponding master value is updated.

It is possible to add settings manually, and to edit instance values master and volatile folllowing the path Admin --> Portal Management ---> Settings: