1. Log in the Administration Console
  2. Create the connection to a DBMS and indicate:
    1. Alias
    2. RDBMS
    3. Database Server
    4. Catalog
    5. Username
    6. Password
    7. Table color
    8. Font color
  3. Select the open connection you have just created:
  4. Select one or more table, right click and select "Import into model" to insert them the logical model. Once the table is imported, it shows a white and red table that marks its presence in the logical model. You can set primary keys and relations that can solve errors in the repository. Any changes to the repository are not ultimately saved until the errors are solved and you press 'commit'.
  5. After importing, you can set relations in the logical model: right-click on the column where the relation starts and a left-click where it ends, then click on Ok.
  6. It is possible to edit the properties of a column imported in the logical model on the properties window or right-clicking on the table and choosing fast edit