1. Log in the FormWork Administration Console
  2. From the "Logical Model" view, right-click on a table in the logical model, then click on "Generate data entry form".
  3. Select the table to write in, define optional filters and data order, and usage grants.
  4. Choose through the position tree of the catalog where to insert the new data-entry form.
  5. Define the fields format and a description (it will be shown to users as a tooltip) - if not inherited by the table on which the form is based. In case of conflicts, the description entered at form level takes precedence over the one found at table level.
  6. Create look-ups using the drop-down lists
  7. Assign procedures to be executed after the events arise
  8. Reorganize the fields and possibly define a rendering in pivot
  9. The form has been created in the catalog and it is ready to be released on the server, available to authorized users
  10. Review the commit and any selective rollback of changes
  11. By clicking 'commit', the form will be available to end-users.