Starting from Formwork 1.26 you can assign an Excel template to a data-entry form.


Through a template you can customize colours, fonts, you can zoom in and insert shapes, images, comments and graphics, as well as add columns with Excel formulas etc....

In order to assign a template to a form you need to:

  • Login as administrator via Excel addin
  • Perform 'Read' action to target form
  • Select column cells using context menu (Right Click > Select > Table Column Data)
  • Select column cells format
  • Delete all data rows using context menu
    • Select all rows (Right Click > Select > Table Column Data as shown above)
    • Delete all seceted rows (Right Click > Delete > Table Rows)
  • Click "set as template" button
  • Check the form result performing a 'Read' action

It is imporant to use the right click actions for strongly formatted data type such as numbers with precision, date, time, percentage and currency.

Tips and good to know

Modify an existing template

you have to remove the stored template and you will be able to set it again.

Insert images into your sheet

use the option 'Insert and link' available on the select file dialog window.

PivotTable and Graphs

All PivotTable and Graphs in the template are always linked to the data entry form by conventions.