Conditional POVs are two or more POV linked one to another.


We have a form with a POV showing "Continents" and a second POV containing "States".

The choice of a continent has to influence the available values on the "States" POV. 

If you want to get this behaviour you must take care of:

  1. insert parameters in the population query of the "States" POV according to the environment variable written by the "Continents" POV (for example,  'SELECT STATE_ID, STATE_DESCRIPTION FROM STATES WHERE CONTINENT_ID = $$selected_continent$$).
  2. On the OnWorkingValueChanged event of the "Continents" POV (the POV that acts on the second one) assign a procedure that make a RefreshSlice Activity that repeats the query on the "States" POV.

See also POV Query Contextualization.