Before beginning installation, please check that system requirements are satisfied.

  1. Unpack your installation pack.
  2. Check that FormWork unzipped folder is composed of three configuration files:
    1. install.cmd
    3. install.proj
    4. upgrade.cmd
  3. Edit the file, which contains the system configuration parameters, with your own parameters.
  4. If not yet created, create a MS SQL Database and its db owner as defined in the file
  5. Open a DOS shell with administrator privileges on the server where you want to install the FormWork server, go to the installation folder and run install.cmd
    1. Attention! Do not click on the file install.cmd, it must be executed through a DOS shell!
  6. The installation will do the following: 
    1. Create the required tables in the database whose name is specified in on the indicated instance.
      1. NB: sqlcmd is required on the machine where the script is run
    2. Create the application pool.
    3. Create the web site.
    4. Update the web.config file with the database connection string;
    5. File update 0_Preferences.xml using values from file Install.Properties .;
    6. Connectivity Test Site (returns the html code of the page if successful, an error code otherwise) .
    7. Notify admin and host credentials.
  7. When the installation has done, host and admin credentials will be displayed on the screen. 

Once installed open a tool to edit the data in the database you just created. Edit dnn_PortalAlias table records by filling properly the field HTTPAlias with the full URL (and possibly port) to coincide with the site URL.

Check installation server

Open a browser and navigate the URL where the new server instance is installed (typically http: // localhost: port). If there are updates to the portal is configured for the first run, then wait until the update is complete and press the link 'Return to your website'. 

Otherwise you will be redirected on the home.

Log in as admin or host.