contains parameters that will be used for the first installation and for the next update.

After editing, it is advisable to keep a backup for any subsequent update.

Configure FormWork Repository database

In section "ISDM Database parameters" insert information about the server that will host the Repository

In installation phase, domain users are not supported. Please use a local SQL Server user. The database that will host the repository must have collation Latin1_General_CI_AS.

<!-- ****************** Database parameters **********************-->

<!-- Login to connect to SQL Server Database --> 

<!-- Sql Server Instance -->

<!-- ISDM repository name -->

<!-- Absolute path isdm_repository script database -->

Set Application pool parameters (optional)

In section “Application Pool parameters” edit default values for Application pool creation for FormWork.

<!-- Sets the name of the AppPool -->

Sets the ProcessModelIdentityType. 
Default is LocalService unless UseDefaultIdentity is specified
[LocalService, LocalSystem, NetworkService, ApplicationPoolIdentity]

<!-- Sets the version number of the .NET Framework used by the application pool.  -->

<!-- Sets the ManagedPipelineMode. -->

<!-- Sets whether 32-bit applications are enabled on 64-bit processors. Default is false. -->

Sets the times that the application pool should recycle. 
Format is 'hh:mm,hh:mm,hh:mm'. Set to "-1" to clear the RecycleTimes 

Set Web site parameters

In section "Web Site parameters" edit default values, using your own site information.

<!-- **************************************** Web Site parameters **************************************** -->

<!-- Server where update the ISDM Web site (assume that the web site exist on remote server -->

<!-- Directory where save log file -->
<!-- Web Site name-->
<WebSiteName>Formwork WebSite</WebSiteName>

<!-- Web Site file system path -->
<!-- FOLDER MUST NOT EXISTS if You are installing ISDM for the first time! -->
<!-- If You are upgrading ISDM folder should be present on file system -->

<!-- Web Site port -->

<!-- Connection string database repository -->

Set SMTP Configuration parameters

In section “SMTP Configuration parameters” specify SMTP configuration parameters in order to enable FormWork to send e-mail.