Before going on Formwork update is strongly recommended to perform a backup of:

  • Formwork Metadata Repository
  • Formwork Website root directory


Same prerequisites as clean installation must be fullfilled (double check in case infrastructural changes)

No users must be connected to Formwork, you can check on service console before stopping the IIS server.


  1. Get the installation package.
  2. Unzip it in a temporary folder
  3. Edit, applying values for your environment for:
    • credential and hostname for formwork metadata repository (Tag SQLUser, SQLPassword, ServerName, SQLDatabase)
    • IIS Website Name (Tag WebSiteName)
    • WebRoot (Tag WebDirectoryPath)
  4. Edit upgrade.cmd:
    • Set the variable WebSiteRoot present in the first line of the file (same value of Tag WebDirectoryPath in previous step)
  5. Open a shell as administrator into the temporary directory
  6. Run the command upgrade.cmd; website will be restarted automatically.
  7. Connect to formwork to test the connection
  8. Remove the temporary folder and deploy package from the server.