The default installer does not configure the Active Directory authentication provider that can be configured following these steps:

Add autentication providers on website

To enable autentication providers you must add the followinf section on file web.config placed on the root folder of the website.

Is strongly recommended to backup the file before any edit.

  <!-- START ActiveDirectory authentication provider-->
  <add name="Authentication" type="DotNetNuke.Authentication.ActiveDirectory.HttpModules.AuthenticationModule, DotNetNuke.Authentication.ActiveDirectory" />
  <!-- END ActiveDirectory authentication provider-->

  <authentication defaultProvider="ADSIAuthenticationProvider">
     <clear />
     <!-- START ActiveDirectory authentication provider-->
     <add name="ADSIAuthenticationProvider" type="DotNetNuke.Authentication.ActiveDirectory.ADSI.ADSIProvider, DotNetNuke.Authentication.ActiveDirectory" providerPath="~\Providers\AuthenticationProviders\ADSIProvider\" />
     <!-- END ActiveDirectory authentication provider-->

Configure authentication on IIS

Anonimous authentication must be enabled for the websites but disabled only for a specific folder:

To configure this on IIS you have to:

  1. Select the forder DesktopModules\AuthenticationServices\ActiveDirectory
  2. Select Authentication removing Anonimous authentication for the selected folder.


Configure authentication on Formwork

Log in to formwork website with host user account

Go To Host > Extensions > DNN_ActiveDirectoryAuthentication and enable it.


Go To Admin > Extensions > DNN_ActiveDirectoryAuthentication to configure domain options:


Ensure that Provider field is set to ADSIAuthenticationProvider

Configure other field according to your domain settings.



Web Login

The login page now appears with 2 different options: Standard and Windows Login.

  1. Click on Windows Login Button
  2. Enter user id following the format domain\username
  3. Enter password
  4. Click on Login Button


Excel Addin Login

Perform a login using excel client using the format domain\username

Please note: the Authentication provider uses the AD attribute sAMAccountName