Q: What it does a logging system? 

A: A lot of things including: 
  • have relevant information on the activities carried out by users
  • have control of the service provided
  • reduce time troubleshooting
  • It provides knowledge about the real use of the features implemented

Q: What it does an alerting system?


  • It is proactive on user reports and offers a better service
  • It identifies the most common mistakes and addresses efforts towards the higher value fixes
  • It identifes potential regressions
  • How long do you want to wait before you know you have a problem?

Q: Why Iconsuting offers the log collection as a service?

A: There are two reasons: provide better service, improve FormWork.

Q: Are there prerequisites to enable the logging system?

A: No, the FormWork server, the Excel clients and the Administration console have all necessary components.

Q: Do I need to open ports, edit proxy, configure firewall, or edit my network settings in order to enable logging?

A: No, at least one of the Excel client that connect to the server can access the Internet

Q: Are there sensitive information written in logs?

A: No

Q: What kind of information are written in logs?

A: See the list of fields that a log message can contain.

Q: Can my logs be intercepted as they are posted on the internet?

A: No, they are sent through HTTPS protocol.

Q: Is it sure to keep my logs on the cloud?

A: Yes, saved logs are crypted. If the cloud provider violated privacy constraints and read them, it could not. For more information see also Sample of a log packet stored on cloud

Q: Can I be notified proactively to the occurrence of an exception?

A: Yes, you can ask to receive mail notifies.

Q: What kind of traffic generates the logging system?

A: It depends on the amount of transactions performed; network traffic, however, is minimized because the logs are sent in compressed packages. At the end of a Read operation 6 log entries are generated and collected in one package less than 1 kilobyte.

Q: Do the logging system slows down some of the components dell'ISDM?

A: No, everything works asynchronously, on a 'binary' (threads and processes) parallel

Q: Can I lose my logs?

A: No, the system is resilient: if a component is offline logs are not lost as they are collected in a buffer upstream, when it restarts the flow of logging resumes. The only single-point-of-failure is the FormWork server, but when the server is down, logs are a secondary issue ...

Q: Is it possible that an exception will not be sent if I do not have internet connection?

A: No, in caso of failure, the exeption is saved on a cache in the disk, when the client restore its connectivity, the exception will be sent.

Q: How long do a log entry to be collected at the end point in the chain?

A: From 5 to 20 minutes


Q: Can I decide how many logs to keep in the buffer present in my application server?

A: Yes, see Service Console Settings.


Q: Can I check logs from my server instance?

A: Yes, see View Excel Client Logs.


Q: Do an exception come immediately to service management?

A: Yes.

Q: Do I need to enable the logging system?

A: No, it is enabled by default

Q: Can I disable the logging system?

A: Yes, see Enable / Disable logging.