Starting with version 1.26.3, FormWork server and its clients send exceptions to an Exceptionless server. 

The server hosts several projects (typically one per customer) each marked with an alphanumeric key. Once you know your Exceptionless project key and the URL you can set them on the portal to ensure that any exceptions are properly submitted.

To configure Exceptionless you need to log in to the portal as administrator and navigate to Admin -> FormWork Modules -> FormWork service console. In the bottom of the page there is a section dedicated to the configuration Excepltionless with the 4 following fields:

  • Enable exception reporting (True / False) True to enable the reporting of exceptions to the server Exceptionless 
  • Exceptionless server url (text) base server url 
  • Exceptionless API key (text) Exceptionless project alphanumeric key 
  • Use SSL (True / False) True if the server uses SSL

Edit the fields and save the changes by pressing the 'Save settings'.