You can set some instance parameters by logging in the system as Administrator and surfing to the Service Console (visible in Admin --> SDM modules --> SDM Service console).

The interface is divided into sections:

  • Online users
    • Here you can see users now connected to the sustem. You can select one of these and sent him a message or disconnect him.
  • Online Administration console user
    • Here yuo can see who is using the Administration console.
  • Log settings
    • Here you will see four values that set how many log will be saved in the FormWork instance. Each of these values define how many days you want to store log in the instance cache. The four types of log that can be saved in the FormWork Repository are: 
      • Web portal logs
      • Procedure's executions logs 
      • Temporary tables that still are in the target database because a Read or Write operation has not ended successfully
      • Records that are in the table that contains data sent by clients in complex form 
  • Exception server (see Configure Exceptionless Server)