A deploy package is a file that contains all edits to be done in order to repliace a source instance to a target instance.

You must execute deploy packages when you need to release some changes (see Execute a deploy).

There are two different types of packages:

  • Clone: once executed on the target instance, this deploy package will produce an exact copy of the source instance
  • Application only: this deploy package will create only the instance application elements (form, task, procedure, ...) and don't change target instance settings and security

A FormWork reposiory contains four different types of information:

  1. Application Elements (form, task, procedure...)
  2. Security (users, groups)
  3. Instance configuration sets (instance name, SMTP config...) 
  4. Log

A Clone package contains the first three types, an Application only package only the first.

Before proceeding to create a deploy package, you must have created a source instance backup, and if you want to create your package in Application only mode, you also need to have a target instance backup.

In order to create a deploy package, log into Adminstration Console and use the wizard in Tools --> Create a deploy package.